In 2016 The Zachary Doherty Scholarship Fund was proud to sponsor the Lake High School Ocean Bowl Team. We paid the teams entrance fees and provide team T-Shirts.
We feel very strongly that this is an excellent program for Lake High School science students to be part of (Zachary was very proud to be part of this team) and we are glad to help our students with the possibilities to attain further scholarship awards

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) is a national, high-school science competition managed by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL). It uses a quiz-bowl format, with lockout buzzers and extended team challenge questions to test students on their knowledge of oceanography. This includes the subjects of biology, chemistry, geology, geography, social science, technology, and physics. Each year approximately 2,000 students from 300 schools across the nation compete for prizes and a trip to the national competition. Students who participate are eligible to apply for the National Ocean Scholarship Program.

 The team set out on a bus adventure to travel to the competition, held at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, on February 6th. They did very well before bowing out in the quarterfinals.  They will always remember the amazing experience.

The team, coached by Lake High School biology teacher Mr. Ken Wolfe, arrived at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium late Friday night, February 5th. The team members that attended the competition were seniors Sam Pearson (captain), Lance Spencer, and Zach Wells. There was an outstanding group of younger students that competed as well.  Carson Joyce, Allyson Gregerson, Abbie Neo, Skyler Snode, and Cameron Dasher are all freshmen at Lake.  They had the amazing experience of touring the aquarium after-hours, playing with the zoo's penguins, and spending the night in the shark tunnel in the aquarium's Water's Edge exhibit.

Congratulations to Lake's NOSB team and good luck next year!

Congratulations to Joshua Miller winner of the Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund 2016 Academic Scholarship Award.

Joshua will be attending “The” Ohio State this fall where he will be taking computer science & engineering.

Way to go Joshua!

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 Zach Doherty Award and Scholarship, Chet Weston and Samantha Caldwell.

Samantha plays flute and piccolo for the Lake High School Band and will be attending Mount Union University to major in Music Performance.

Chet plays the clarinet and the E flat contra bass clarinet and will be attending the Pittsburg Technical Institute for Graphic Design.

 Both of these young students have demonstrated some of the outstanding qualities that so defined our son Zachary.

 A love of knowledge and learning

Participation in a Band/Music program

Integrity, honesty and kindness towards others

 We are very proud to be helping them with their academic careers and wish them the best of luck.
The Doherty Family.

We are also very proud to provide funding for the Lake High School “Rube Goldberg" team.

 Led by Mr. Dave Wood, this team of students is designing and building a “Rube Goldberg” machine for the Goodyear-sponsored Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Day competition.

 This year, the Lake High team is comprised of:

Anthony Adams
Sarah Byo
James Bradcovich
Connor Delahanty
Drew DeLap
Sam Pearson
Emma McNamara

 The competition challenges students’ creativity as well as their skills in various disciplines to build a functional machine that also represents the whimsy and plain fun of contraptions that for decades graced the cartoons of Rube Goldberg.

 Here is a note from Mr. Wood:

“As the project date approaches for the submission of the 2016 Rube Goldberg competition, the Lake HS team of Anthony Adams, Sarah Byo, James Bradcovich, Connor Delahanty, Drew DeLap, Sam Pearson, and Emma McNamara are quickly putting on the final transitions and touches to help ensure a victory.

 “The contraption is in a very solid form, with many interesting and well-developed transitions. Unlike many other Rube Goldbergs with a single static theme, the Lake team incorporates the change in technology as a theme. Each step progressively becomes more advanced and involves gradually more advanced technologies, ranging from a ‘Guillotine’ start and basic chemical reactions, to projectile launchers, advanced circuitry and programmed robotics.

 “Designed in a very compact six-foot cube, the project takes the form of a family living room, as components zip around TVs and through lounging chairs.

 “All is looking well for a successful, first Lake entry into the STEM Day competition.

           “We greatly thank the friends and family of Zach Doherty for all their help in purchasing the components and setting a breakthrough tradition at Lake, helping to demonstrate Lake as a top school for its STEM rigor. Without their assistance and support, a project of this design could never occur.”

 The Doherty Family wishes the students of the Lake team the best of luck in April and in their further academic careers.

                                 ****UPDATE FROM MR. WOOD****

2016 Lake Rube Goldberg Competition

            In Lake’s first ever entry in the 2016 Goodyear STEM Day Rube Goldberg Competition, the Lake High School team of Anthony Adams, Sarah Bio, James Bradcovich, Conner Delahanty, Drew DeLap, Emma McNamara, and Sam Pearson, through the generous help of the Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund, worked diligently over the past three months creating a one-of-a-kind entry. Unlike many other static projects that focused highly on one specific type of technology, this one, named “The Study of Time”, features components ranging from medieval motion to complex robotics. Additionally, the team was able to fit the entire project in a 6-foot cube. Battling various setbacks and tough time constraints, the team pulled together to win 3rd place overall in a field of more than twenty competitors. They were awarded a grant fund of $500 to be used for STEM education, while also receiving many individual prizes. Most importantly, the team, composed almost entirely of juniors, learned crucial knowledge towards receiving a complete victory next year, and is excited to see what the next challenge will bring.  See the video at: