For the 2022 Goodyear STEM Career Day, Lake sent a team to compete in the annual Rube Goldberg competition. The 2022 Lake High School STEM Team consisted of seniors: Ryan Moorhead, Aaron Hess, Luke Huntsman, Joshua Martin; junior: Adam Dilworth; sophomores: Joey Moorhead, Isiah Lemos, Ella Moore, Alexis Westfall; freshman: Adam Hess.

 The goal of the machine this year was to connect at least 12 steps in order to mix two inert solutions. We were also challenged to calculate the momentum of the machine at certain points and even incorporate biomimicry! The theme of Lake’s Rube Goldberg machine was retro video games and used STEM principles as well as creative components to complete the challenge. 

 We are extremely proud to have taken first place in the 2022 Goodyear STEM Career Day Rube Goldberg Challenge this year! Each and every team member has made fun-filled memories, learned so much from this experience and can't wait for next year's challenge! We are so grateful for the Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund for their generosity, providing us with the opportunity to construct a machine.

 Seniors (left to right): Ryan Moorhead, Cole Deluca, Cole Rhodes, Andrew Dusman, and Aaron Hess also were awarded scholarships at Goodyear STEM Career Day this year to cap off the day! 

 Link to the video of our Rube Goldberg machine: