2018 Lake Rube Goldberg Competition

            Lake’s third annual entry in the 2018 Goodyear STEM Day Rube Goldberg Competition took first place. The Lake High School team consisted of Nathaniel Clevinger, Owen Coldsnow, Allison Cunningham, Nathaniel Green, Brett Hewitt, Jordan Hopkins, Noah Lamadanie, Bella Marshall, Nolan Mason, Thaddeus Ochs, Nick Paschke, Jaron Smith, Aidan Stalker, Tate Testa, Alex Tieche, Carson Wolfe, Alex Xuan, and Trey Zeiger. Thanks to the generous help of the Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund this year’s success was possible. Our machine followed the theme of sports. We chose this because Goodyear has a strong presence in both the sports world and the STEM world, bridging the gap in between. Our final goal was to get a miniature blimp to carry a load of miniature tires. Despite our struggles, we managed to be victorious and earn $2500 for STEM education, a trip to Goodyear Headquarters, and other prizes. We had a large team full of many people ready to come back next year!

We are sponsoring the Lake 2018 STEM team for their Rube Goldberg Competition at Goodyear's career day.

​Meet this year's team:



Congratulations to Nathan Beine and Rebekah Starkey!
Recipients of this year’s Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Awards.

 Nathan Beine, trumpet. Son of Jeff and Anissa Beine. Nathan has been a member of the Symphonic Band and is a squad leader in the marching band. Next year, Nathan plans to attend college to major in mechanical and computer engineering.

 Rebekah Starkey, flute. Daughter of Ron and Danielle Starkey. Rebekah is the band’s treasurer and is also a squad leader. Next year, Rebekah plans to attend the University of Akron to major in mechanical engineering, with a possible minor in biomedical.

A letter from Team Leader Mr. Dave Wood:

​This year’s Lake 2018 STEM Team is well on their way to completing their machine for the upcoming Goodyear career day. At the career day they are participating in the annual Rube Goldberg Competition. This year’s team consists of Aidan Stalker, Alex Tieche, Alex Xuan, Allison Cunningham, Bella Marshall, Brett Hewitt, Nathaniel Clevinger, Jordan Hopkins, Nolan Mason, Tate Testa, Trey Zeiger, and Owen Coldsnow.

                This year the overall goal of the project was to get an inflatable blimp to carry several mini Goodyear tires. The team is constricted to a 10x10x8 box, that must be transportable. To overcome this difficulty, the team split the design into connectable 4X4 tiles that will be easier to move.

                We are extremely grateful for the Zach Doherty fund for providing us with the money we need to make this all possible. They help us continue our tradition of growth and excellence at Lake High School.

                This should be a promising year for the Lake 2018 STEM Team.

In 2018 the Lake Band directors brought to our attention that there was a band member that would not be able to participate in the trip to Disney due to financial difficulties. We paid for their trip and provided some spending money as well.

Congratulations Lake STEM Team, for taking first place in this year's Goodyear STEM Day Competition!