​We are very proud to be funding two teams from Lake High School for the April, 6 2019 Goodyear’s Rube Goldberg Competition. Good luck Lake!


A letter from the LHS STEM team,

This year, Lake is sending two teams to compete in Goodyear’s Rube Goldberg Competition. Mr. Dave Wood’s team consists of seniors Jordan Hopkins, Aidan Stalker, Brett Hewitt, Carson Wolfe, Jacob Blackson, Nathaniel Green, Nolan Mason, Nathaniel Clevinger, Trey Zeiger, and Owen Coldsnow, juniors Travis Norton, Cameron Logar, and Luke Ramey, and freshman Ryan Moorhead, and Cooper Bertschi. The second team consists of: Abbie Neo, Alex Xuan, Allison Cunningham, Bella Marshall, Kate Osmundson, MacKenzie Martin, Madison Furino, Raven Ray, Abigail Yost, Anna Labbe, Christina Slabinski, and Olivia Paschke

The end product has to end with the machine lighting up the Goodyear decal and must have at least twelve steps leading up to it. The entirety of it must be able to be moved to Akron University for Goodyear’s STEM career day, so each individual part must be made separately and positioned correctly for each run. The solution is making the base boards interconnected and painting positions for each platform.

We are extremely grateful for the funding that we received from the Zach Doherty fund, as none of this would have been possible without it. They made it possible for us to compete and continue on the tradition of excellence established years ago.

2019 Lake High School Band Awards

 This years’ Band Scholarships were awarded to:

Emily Robinson and Jacob Tarter

Emily plans on going to Kent State Honors College to study Aero Engineering

 Jacob plans on attending Xavier University studying Business Management

We wish them both the best of luck!