For the 2020 Goodyear STEM Career Day Lake is sent a team to compete in the annual Rube Goldberg competition. The Lake High School STEM Team consists of seniors: MacKenzie Martin, Travis Norton, Bella Marshall, Luke Ramey, Allison Cunningham; junior: Kate Osmundson; sophomores: Joshua Martin, Ryan Moorehead, and Luke Huntsman.

 The goal of the machine this year was to connect at least 12 steps to raise a flag of original design. The theme of Lake’s Rube Goldberg machine was board games and it implemented many unique design and STEM principles. We had almost perfected the continuity and success of the machine and are extremely grateful for the funding by the Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund to make it possible. They help us continue our tradition of growth and excellence at Lake High School.

 We have had so much fun with this challenging project and are excited to have won third place in the competition on February 29, 2020 at the University of Akron. Thank you to the Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund for making this success possible!

Link to the video of our Rube Goldberg machine:​