The Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Zachary Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund is a scholarship program intended to ensure that the love of academics and music that our son Zachary embraced is passed on to other students who exemplify the traits which so defined our son:

  • A love of knowledge and learning.
  • Participation in Band/Music Program
  • Integrity, honesty and kindness towards others

We will accomplish this by awarding scholarship monies to students at Lake High School for their continuing education needs.


Assisting college bound students with a love of learning. We will provide scholarship assistance to Lake School District students that posses a love of learning, compassion for helping others and good moral character.
Band and Music

Providing assistance to Lake School District band members to foster the passion and creativity that Zachary shared with his band family.

To assist Lake School District students in their educational pursuits through extra curricular activities. Students will be selected based on their passion for learning, moral character and financial need.
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College Scholarships

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